The Wincentre case study showcases the impact of Mindstory's digital marketing strategies, which significantly improved Wincentre's online visibility and student engagement, leading to increased enrollments and fostering educational growth for aspiring civil engineers.

Wincentre, a leading civil engineering coaching center in Kerala, offers comprehensive training for Kerala PSC candidates preparing for Assistant Engineer (AE) and Overseer level examinations. With over 15 years of experience, Wincentre specializes in equipping civil engineering students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their exams.

In our comprehensive digital strategy for Wincentre, we crafted an intricate content marketing approach, revitalized their social media engagement, and harnessed the targeted capabilities of Google and Facebook Ads. This multi-pronged strategy was meticulously designed to elevate Wincentre's online presence, engage a community of civil engineering students, and drive course enrollments through precision-targeted advertising.

Content Marketing

We developed a comprehensive content marketing strategy, producing a variety of materials such as in-depth articles that tackled frequently asked questions and challenges faced by civil engineering students, video tutorials that broke down complex subjects into understandable segments, and infographics that presented dense information in a visually appealing manner. This content not only enriched Wincentre's website but also served to attract and retain the target audience's attention, thereby improving the site's overall engagement and authority in the civil engineering education sector.

Social Media Engagement

We enhanced Wincentre's social media presence by creating and sharing content tailored to the interests and needs of civil engineering students. This included success stories from past students, tips and tricks for exam preparation, and engaging posts that encouraged interaction among followers. The aim was to create a vibrant online community where students could find support, motivation, and valuable information, thus increasing Wincentre's brand visibility and affinity among its target demographic.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Leveraging the power of targeted advertising through Google Ads and Facebook Ads, we implemented highly focused campaigns aimed at reaching potential students actively searching for civil engineering exam preparation courses. These campaigns used carefully selected keywords and demographic targeting to ensure ads were displayed to the most relevant audience. The ads highlighted Wincentre's unique selling propositions, such as its experienced faculty, success rates, and comprehensive course offerings, driving increased interest and sign-ups for their programs.

Boosting Digital Presence and Community Engagement for Wincentre

The collaboration with Wincentre led to remarkable outcomes in digital visibility and engagement. Enhanced online presence, marked by increased website traffic and improved search rankings, effectively broadened Wincentre's reach to prospective students. This digital momentum translated into more inquiries and enrollments, reflecting the success of the deployed strategies. Additionally, the bolstered social media interaction fostered a thriving community, further solidifying Wincentre's role in nurturing civil engineering aspirants.


The Wincentre case study highlights the transformative role of digital marketing in education. Mindstory's strategy not only broadened Wincentre's online presence but was pivotal in linking students with quality civil engineering education, thus fostering their career development.

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