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In partnership with Mindstory, Chemmanur Credits and Investments Limited successfully expanded its digital presence through targeted marketing for NCD public issues, strategic campaigns for new branch openings, and creative design support. This collaboration enhanced the brand's visibility and investor engagement in the digital realm, leveraging its rich heritage in the jewellery business.

Chemmanur Credits and Investments Limited, under the aegis of Mr. Chemmanur Devassykutty Boby, stands as a testament to a rich 156-year heritage in the jewellery industry, now extending its legacy to the Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) sector. Renowned for its commitment to quality and purity, the brand's transition into financial services is underpinned by the same values that made Chemmanur International Jewellers a household name worldwide. With 40 outlets and a robust team of over 5000 employees, the company's venture into the NBFC space is guided by Mr. Boby Chemmanur's acclaimed business acumen and a deep-rooted tradition of excellence.

Mindstory's Role in Reinventing Chemmanur's Digital Presence

Despite its high-quality offerings, Gold's Gym Kuriachira faced challenges in reaching and engaging a broader audience in the digitally-driven age. The primary hurdles included enhancing online visibility, effectively communicating the unique value proposition of the gym, and engaging potential members in a competitive fitness market.

Digital Marketing for NCD Public Issues

Mindstory spearheaded three consecutive digital marketing campaigns for Chemmanur's Non-Convertible Debentures (NCD) public issues. The campaigns were meticulously designed to communicate the value proposition of the NCDs, targeting potential investors with precision and creativity. Through a mix of strategic content marketing, SEO, and targeted digital advertising, Mindstory successfully amplified the reach and appeal of the NCD issues, leading to significant investor engagement and participation.

Digital Campaigns for New Branch Openings

As Chemmanur expanded its footprint with new branch openings, Mindstory played a pivotal role in crafting digital campaigns that celebrated these milestones. Utilizing a blend of social media and Google Ads, the campaigns generated buzz and anticipation, effectively drawing in a broader audience. The strategic use of localized targeting ensured that the campaigns resonated with the community surrounding each new branch, driving foot traffic and fostering local engagement.

Creative Design Support for NCD Issues

Recognizing the importance of compelling visuals in digital storytelling, Mindstory provided extensive creative design support for the NCD issues. From engaging infographics to visually appealing social media posts, the creative assets developed by Mindstory not only captured the essence of the investment opportunity but also enhanced the overall aesthetic and user experience of the digital campaigns.


Results and Impact

The collaboration between Chemmanur Credits and Investments Limited and Mindstory marked a significant evolution in the company's digital marketing endeavors. The successful NCD public issues, driven by strategic digital marketing campaigns, underscored the efficacy of blending traditional business values with modern digital tactics. The new branch openings, celebrated with localized digital campaigns, not only expanded Chemmanur's physical presence but also bolstered its digital footprint, engaging a wider audience and building community ties. The creative support provided by Mindstory elevated the brand's digital narrative, making complex financial products accessible and appealing to a broad demographic.


This comprehensive case study of Chemmanur Credits and Investments Limited highlights the transformative power of digital marketing in bridging the gap between traditional business excellence and the dynamic demands of the modern market. Through strategic collaboration with Mindstory, Chemmanur has not only extended its legacy into the digital realm but has also set new benchmarks for innovation and engagement in the NBFC sector.

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